You're someone who knows what they want. Come catch me!

Screening is absolutely necessary in order to protect both of our safety and discretion. I accept the following for screening:

  • TER white listings
  • References from at least one verifiable provider; two is preferable should you screen this way.
  • P411 membership with at least 2 okays
  • Employment verification; if you are screening in this manner, I require your full name, company email address, and business phone number. I also require that you send me a blank email from your company email address should you choose to use this screening option.

If you would like to screen via TER white list or P411, please initiate contact with me via the messaging systems on those respective websites.

If you are wondering why I did not respond to your email, it is most likely due to the fact that you did not provide adequate information for your screening/ verification.

The best way to ensnare me is with kindness, charm, and wit. It also helps if you come correct when engaging with me for the first time, too! 

The best way to try and catch me is to fill out the form below.  Those that fill out the form completely will get enthusiastic and eager responses from me, so don't leave out any information I've asked for, please. 


Cancellation Policy 

Please be aware that I require 24 hour notice should you need to cancel our date or reschedule.  If you cancel our date with less than 24 hours notice, a fee of 30% of the cost of the original date will be assessed. My time, just like yours, is valuable.  We both take time out of our busy lives to prepare to spend time together, so please be courteous when needing to cancel or rebook so as not to accrue the 30% fee. Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Late-Start Policy

My schedule is set up specifically to accommodate you during our specific date time.  If you are running late, please let me know, but also understand that end-time of our date may not be able to be extended or changed, and in most cases, I won't be able to extend past the end time of your original appointment, especially without notice of a late arrival. Communication is key, and I appreciate it greatly when you let me know if you're running late. 

Let The Chase Begin!

Name *
Phone *
If you're not a member of these services, please put "none".
Please include provider website and email address. References must be current and from the last 6 months.
Please include provider website and email address. References must be current and from the last 6 months.
If you choose to verify via employment, please include the following: Employer and job title Work phone number with extension if applicable Work email
Cancellation policy acknowledgement: *