A note on rates...

Every year, I like to give my friends some ‘holiday relief’ and offer very special rates to show my gratitude for your loyalty. I also enjoy celebrating the New Year and the holidays and I want you to be a part of it! New clients are welcome to see me during the holidays as well. The donations posted are valid from December 1st through January 15th. Keep in mind, that as of Jan. 16th, my hourly rate will return to $500/hour.

My rates reflect the quality of service I offer and my level of exclusivity as a companion. Multi-hour and overnight appointments will always have my priority. And I would love to visit you at your residence, office or upscale hotel for our rendezvous.

If you would like me to book a place for our meeting, please let me know.

I'm happy to offer discounts for those who pre-book dinner dates with me while I'm on tour or at home.


Extended multi-hour, and multi-day dates are available! My passport is ready and I love international travel. If you're interested in seeing me for an extended period of time, please be sure to contact me for rates. 

Fly me to you!

I absolutely delight in being your exclusive arm-candy for an extended rendezvous with a backdrop of your choosing! This is perfect for those who want to see me but are in locales that I don't frequent while on tour.  This option is also great should you be traveling for business and want to return to your own private vixen when you're done with your day. 

In order to fly me to you, there's a 12-hour booking minimum, plus the cost of travel expenses (flight, hotel, meals, etc). I do require a 50% deposit up front for these special occasions, and if you're interested in booking travel with me, you can send me a message to discuss handling the deposit. 


Private travel

Perhaps you're interested in having me all to yourself, wherever you'd like! I'd love nothing more than to be your private playmate.